PSA: Halloween Contact Lenses - The Do's and Don'ts!


It's that time of year again! Autumn is one of my favourite seasons, all the leaves are turning golden brown. The coffee shops have spiced up there caffeine. And pumpkins all over the world are being dissected - for art! I love Halloween🎃.

When I was younger especially! It's funny, the 'scariest' night of the year, was never actually that scary, because literally everyone was out. I loved seeing my mates, dressed up and going door to door for candy. Oh man, they say you're never too old.. 🍭but something tells me my blood sugar levels would not be happy. We're talking massive break outs and some serious sugar crashes. I'm no doubt still going to be dipping into our home supply for the knockers though. You can find me in a food coma, Nov 1st, living room floor👍. There's less than a week to go to Halloween and I'm sure most of you are costume ready. What are you going as? If contact lenses are a prime part of your costume, then here are some top tips that may just save your sight (that's no. 6!) this autumn. 

Seriously, I'm not exaggerating👻... let me explain. 

Hence prescribed. For real though, the primary use for contact lenses is to correct vision (among other things). They're supposed to fit you properly and take into consideration all the other factors of good eye health - like water and oxygen content. Your lens is specific to you, like your shoe size😊

Legally qualified eye health care professional. They know how to do all those things your eyes need ^ You're welcome.

No, no. These lenses are just for you. There are certain times in life where you can be selfish and this really is one of them.

They're going on your eyes! Make sure you hands are clean. Wash with soap and water, then dry with a clean towel. Sounds silly, but if you use alcohol gel you're not going to have a good time. That'll really sting! Trim your nails, Wolverine would be a good look this Halloween - but scratched cornea's not so much. Ouchies!

Sorry, you can't sleep in these. There are lenses specifically designed so you can nod off in them. If you just like the convenience or are a new mum who kips when she can - they would be great! Generally, costume lenses will be designed for 1 day use. "Use me and throw me - Ah!"  Or even a bit longer, check with your Optometrist which they are prescribing you and how best to care for them. Sleeping in lenses that weren't designed to be, will mean extremely little oxygen getting to yours eyes. Which can cause excessive swelling, redness, pain & blurriness when you wake.

I'm not sure why you'd be swimming on Halloween, (If you've been invited to some spooky pool party, please invite.) but just to cover all bases... and this is the scary base! There's a bacteria in water, soil, hot tubs (Seriously, invite me) etc that can get trapped between the lens and your eye. It will nom away in there and make you go blind. At first you wont notice, but when you eventually do the pain would excruciating. I'll let you ask google images yourself, 'Acanthamoeba keratitis.' 😱

Like I mentioned, contacts are actually really safe as long as you follow the procedures. Have a safe Halloween and save some candy for me 🍂 

Until next time... Erica xo

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