Food Prepping Made Easy - Carbs, Fats & Protein Explained


I love keeping it simple. My biggest asset is time and anything that can save me some, will form part of my daily routine. For some people cooking is a pleasure and they can't wait to try new things. For others it's a bit of a chore or uncharted territory. Making your meals doesn't have to take hours. And yes, it can be healthy and delicious at the same time.

Okay, so the first one!
Super, super simple. Literally you don't even have to cook. Got a microwave? Sorted.
For this, I just used bags of veg, washed and then cut them up. Some vacuum packed salmon from Lidl, cooked and ready to go, with grilled aubergine!

Cooked and ready to go fillets, it's easy to cook your own too - but these are super quick.

Mr aubergine.
- Watch video on YouTube
- Wash and cut in half.
- Cross hatch, slice diagonals one way. Same again in the opposite direction.
- Season with a table spoon of soy sauce, fish sauce, sesame oil. Sprinkle of pepper.
- Grill in oven or microwave for 10 minutes, flip and again for another 5/6 minutes.
-Serve it up!

1. Choose which ever veggies you like. 
It's best to get a good mix of things. This will help with your nutrition in keeping your vitamins and minerals in balance. Depending on whatever flavours you're feeling, choose a rainbow of colours. It's not only more appealing to eat, but also a variety of colours means a variety of different nutrients. Seriously, so simple. Of course, it has the added value of being instagramable.

2. Get that protein
Again, it's good to mix it up from day to day. I was waiting for my chicken to defrost, so I went with fish instead. Salmon and mackerel are oily fish, so I'll usually omit adding extra oils or fats to the dish in that case. If your unsure what your food is made up of, just give it a google. For tracking my nutrients I'm using this awesome app, my fitness pal. It works out my macros (carbs, proteins and fats) for me. So I can just up or down regulate as I go through the day.
^^ This is mackerel in a tomato sauce, given wont suit all taste buds but give it a go - it's actually pretty tasty! It's super cheap, like 57p a tin in lidl? I just transfer it into a box and it's done. Protein is the one that is going to keep you feeling fuller for longer. (There are veggie & vegan alternatives)

3. Carbs, carbs, carbs
I feel for carbs, I really do. They get such a bad rep and you know what, most of your food is made from carbs. They're the main building blocks of energy! Hahaha. If your using a lot of energy in the day, like you have an active job or enjoy regular exercise - then you need good carbs. Yesterday was a rest day for me, so I didn't plan to consume too many. I do however always have a banana a day, 

4. Fat, good or bad?
Fats are another food group that have gotten a bad rep over the last few years. Until recently I was super confused as to whether I should be eating them or avoiding them?! I've experimented and dabbled with few different 'diets' over the last few years and honestly fats are good.
I can't go without them, if I do I really notice it and my mood completely changes. My body is just not happy. There's something in the creamy, rich and comforting texture of fats that just boosts my mood and perks up my body. It literally puts a spring in my step. If you prefer eating fats, boost these up and tone down your carbs. It's a ratio game!
(Just for the record, avo is good fat!)

Okay, so this post turned out to be more about the breakdowns of different foods, but I guess it's a good place to start in showing you how I build my meals. Over the series of these foodie blogs, I'm going to show you how I lost weight, what I eat on the regs and the work outs I do. If you have any specific requests, please drop me a line or comment below! Hope you enjoyed this.

Until next time... Erica, xo 

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