Glamorous Chocolate Fountain Ice-Cream Cones: Venchi #London


Designer ice-cream, does it actually taste better though? Awww yes! We were wondering the streets of Convent garden after our steak plans had fallen through. If you know the steak house I'm talking about you understand, a three hour wait?! Not today, I'm starving! (I'm still yet to try it, so if you've ever had a flat iron steak, would you recommend?)

My uncle knew just the spot to hit up. That's another delicious blog post, but right now - we're talking sweet, sweet sugar baby. We found Venchi ice-cream on our way to the main course; after being filled to the brim, we were looking for our next spoonful. Venchi ice-cream was popping on that Friday night! Late night ice-cream party, who knew?

  I scream for ice-cream and cute instagram backdrops.

With so much competition, all the new eateries are brewing up crazy new ways to grab our attention. And I'm talking some serious Willie Wonker style concoctions. When I saw the ice-creams gleaming at me through the towering windows, glistening from behind their protective glass - I wanted to break in. Wasssup ice-y goodness! What is this secret ingredient I hear you ask? Brace yo-self, because this literally blew my mind.

In complete and utter British manner, we joined the orderly queue and patiently waited with full fake composure. Until it was our turn. Sudden fluster, oh man which flavour?! There's just so many flavours! But wait - this ladies' words just stopped me dead in my tracks. Which cone would you like? She guided my attention to the decedent cones, dripping with fresh, warm, melted chocolate and topped with lashing of nuts or sprinkles. ARUHGH. Lady, you speaking my language right thurr. Why yes, yes I will upgrade my cone. I thought the crafter was going to pick the elusive cone straight from the stand and fill it up with my double, yes double scoop.

I was so wrong. How did I not notice the chocolate taps in full flow?! In the most seductive fashion, the cone was whipped past my face, leaving a trailing sweet scent under my nose. It lightly bathed under the chocolate fountain and came out the other side singed with a rich, golden tan. I chose caramelised nuts to embellish my glamorous cone, which was then topped with two giant scoops. One of salted toffee and the other, nocciola (hazelnut) ice-cream, my favourite. Ya know.

Witness the reaction in all its glory.

The sugar rush well and truly got me. I was riding midway between a food coma and a 5 year old child at Christmas. Good times. The ice-creams were so delicious and creamy, always what I look for in a good gelato. Not too sickly, or rich, but just enough to keep you wanting until you've devoured the cone (melted chocolate, glam nuts and all) and your left satisfied and ready for bed.

Touche Venchi, touche.

Until next time, Erica xo

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