Loving Life In My New Ollie & Quinn Glasses #Ad


Did you see my Instagram about wanting rad new glasses? Well yeah, you guessed it. I got them. 

I've pretty much plastered my new frames all over social media, I'm so in love with them. When I was first prescribed glasses back in 2004 I couldn't wait to get into specs, but they were always so nerdy looking. Each year I tried to get funkier and funkier, but I always inevitably looked like a nerd and not the hipster type either. No, the original nerd.


What did I choose?
Last year I splashed out on some designer frames, which didn't get even half the compliments these have! Maybe it's because these are gold, they stand out a little more? But seriously, people love them. Thank you lovely people, I love them too! The subtle gold metal edging on the bottom of the frame gives it such a cool and light look. Metals are really rare for me to ever get with my -5.00 prescription. I'm really surprised with the finish on these. I have to be honest, I did push it out there a little. I mean a big blank size, with very little edge coverage and a high Rx. They did an awesome job glazing. 

Roz one of the marketing ladies, escorted me around the practice as I modelled different frames for my social meeds haha. I just couldn't decide which to go for! These were actually the first pair that Roz picked out for me, good eye! The bold brow bar is so striking, yet each shade subtly blends with my skin tone. Which I think gives a really classy vibe. This pair did also come in a dark mahogany brown or black, which I tried but too - but these were definitely the ones. 

The lenses are a 1.74 index, with that amount of edge - of course. They're relatively light considering the amount of lens there and oh man the nose pads! I'm so excited to have nose pads again. The fashion trends and dreaded nose markings always pushed me away from the pads. Key hole bridges and the likes are just so sexy, but those kind of specs just didn't want to stay on my face. A good fitting frame is the priority for me.

So how does it work?
The new store on the block boasts a full range of specs at one set price. £98, which includes the frame and lenses. Something most patients are confused by, "Wait - I need to choose a lens too? And that's how much?" Ollie and Quinn side step this process and offer 2 lens indexes depending on some very simple criteria, if your less than 5 you get the lower or if your over 5 diopters (power) you get the higher. Of course the later, being thinner and lighter will cost a little more. They are practising, so if you don't have an in date prescription, you can get tested in store. 

So £98 or £145? The optician will see you now. 

P.s If you ever get a pair of OQ specs, check the tip of the side - it has little Easter egg. So cute!🙈
This was a sponsored post.

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  1. LOVE them! So cool (and non-nerdy indeed), and I love the labels name and store and whoop!

    1. Yay! Thank you :) I know, the branding is super cool right! xx

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