Stealing From A Prized Art Gallery - Escape Reality


IT WAS AWESOME. Oh man, if you're ever questioning whether you need to experience something like this. The answer is definitely yes. My cousin was in town for a few weeks and we were so pumped to try a new experience. These escape rooms have started popping up all over Cardiff and given the chance, we opted for the highest difficulty - The Heist, at Escape Reality.

Arriving into the venue, we were ushered to our lock in location for the games to begin. For real, this had all the intensity of the hunger games without the stark consequences of death - phew. We entered a dimly lit room, with paintings adoring the walls (and I really can't give away too much, or it would just completely spoil it for you - just know it looked pretty cool.) They asked us if we wanted to hear the backstory first, ch'ya of course!!

-  'In the heart of the most famous Art Gallery in Europe, lies the most expensive art collection the world has to offer. An anonymous request through the black market has placed a high reward offered to anyone who can safely retrieve the painting. You have broken into the gallery with one aim - to take the reward.'

Ahh yeah, I'm super into gaming and have dabbled with a few RPGs, so this was right up my street. We totally got into it and were equipped with an iPad (for clues if and when necessary, we were banking on not using these - there's a 5 minute penalty for each clue used!), a kit bag which supplied our torches and a map - the timer began. We were so hot on the first clue, we quickly scrambled all the pieces together and just before we fit the last one, we abandoned it. 'It couldn't be that simple, surely' After wasting precious time, we realised we were right all along! Argh, the frustration! Quickkk, that eureka moment was priceless. You know how good it feels when you have something burning on your mind and then you finally figuire it out?! Well that was it, we were hooked. It ignited the fire and we blazed through task after task.

Once we knew what the room was asking from us, we darted around matching clues to random objects in the room. Have you ever seen the Crystal maze? I've always wanted to go on that show and this felt just like that. If only I was allowed to vlog inside, I would have basically been Richard Ayoade - life complete. It was so thrilling racing against time and to play the bad guy, 'Where was this painting at though? Are we close yet?!'. The rooms are so cleverly designed, it was such an immersive experience, that as we got closer to the final and time began teetering on seconds, we  literally started running.

Bombing it up and down the length of the final room (yeah it's pretty awesome, you actually move through more than one room!) we were sooooo close. Literally, if we had committed to that first clue, we would have robbed that painting right in the nick of time! Thus, the addiction began. I really want to go back and try all the other rooms. Then all the other escape room companies I can find across the UK. Seriously, it was that much fun. The mix of intuition, natural instinct, the pressure and collaboration required was just insane.

Highly recommend 👍👍👍👍👍

Until next time, the newest escape reality fan...
- Erica xo

Don't worry - not giving anything away, this is reception!

P.s - There are literally no photos, because they weren't allowed. You'll thank me once you get the full, unhampered experience. *This was a sponsored post*

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