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New year, New you?

It's been a while, I do apologise for the lack of blog posts! How was your holiday season? Filled with lots of food, family and love I hope! (To the point of pure indulgence as with any festive season.) After all that eating, you may be feeling a little guilty? I'd omit any guilt, but definitely get back into your fitness regime! Last week, I was invited to try Tramshed's hottest new fitness trend. A class.. and a glass! Yes, it literally is as good as it sounds. I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but of course there was going to be some dancing involved.

Spy us?

The event promised to have a high intensity work out, to some old school RnB, with even more dance moves than ever before. It was fab, arriving at the venue there were loads of people ready to get pumped. The air was brisk and we couldn't wait to get warmed up. There was a live DJ on stage, getting his decks sorted, while a drummer set the beat to his left. We eagerly awaited the bass to drop...

The instructors on stage had so much energy, damn those ladies could move! And fast too! It was definitely a stretch trying to keep up with them, but I loved the music and even walked away with a few new moves. The playlist worked its way through different themes, we even got a little sexy towards the end too. Which was really fun to get a little silly!

Nok and I couldn't believe we'd never been to one before. We ended the class on such a high, endorphins everywhere and sweaty. Very, very sweaty haha! It was like going on a night out, the lights, the music, the energy! Then in true night out style, we enjoyed the drink afterwards. Well, just me (Nok has IBS) but I couldn't resist a cheeky Sunday morning beverage. Don't judge me! Hehe. We headed to the the gorgeous wooden 'meeting' room for a glass of bubbles.

We splashed the calories, (after our protein drinks) we ordered some protein pancakes with berries and sat in the balcony room and enjoyed the sun. I'd highly recommend the class if you like to dance and enjoy something a little more fast paced! I'm really excited for the other music genre days to come!

Thanks for the invite and definitely see you there again soon!

So when and where?

11th February - Tramshred pres. 90s RnB & Hip Hop
18th February - Tramshred pres. 80s League of Lycra
25th February - Tramshred pres. Smash HITs

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