Hey der Snow Day!


Hey, hey!

So it's been a long while, sorry I drift in and out of writing. You know how it is - school, family, commitments hahaha. They all take time and for them to be of any quality, they require my full attention. Not that I want to neglect the blog! :O 


It's March?! What?! How ironic that the 1st day of spring was a snow day. So amazing, the last few days have been magical. I loved the snow. While I was in Hong Kong over Christmas, I felt so lucky to have been able to escape the brunt of the cold! Since it began snowing here, I've actually loved it though. It's like a 2nd Christmas, so I got to have my British version too. The boys were off school and so was mum! Lovely, spending the day indoors with hot beverages. Perfect.

Me and the brother ventured out into the wilderness on the 2nd day. I seriously put the timbs to the test and they held up! No snow or ice entered my industrial strength boots and my feet were so lovely and dry. We could have walked for miles and miles on this basis, but eventually the icy cold winds sunk through the layers of thermals and coats right to the bone! Not ideal for avoiding catching a cold hehehe. It was lush, my brother got into the flakes and made a snow angel and I watched. From above, being all mature and stuff. Hey, I have clinics this week and I didn't want to risk it haha. (Boring, yeah yeah.)

The next few months are super exciting, so many changes and I'm so excited! I know I'm always so aloof about things, but I can't speak about too many of them yet. 1 I don't want to jinx it and 2, I'm just not allowed hahaha. In time, I promise team! For now, I hope you've all had an amazing few days (off work/school if you've been lucky enough) and speak soon.

Until next time ... Erica xo 

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