March Update


The end of third year is looming, can you believe? I'm sure you've guessed that I can't?! It's a little surreal. Having said that - I'm so ready to leave uni. I'm ready to start working life, to see patients and to make some money of course.

It's not without it's bitter sweet feelings though. The end of anything is sad. Of course there's the usual anxieties that come with starting anything new, but honestly I'm super, super excited! It's a whole new chapter in my life that I've been waiting to start for a long, long time. Do any other final years feel me on this one. You talk so much about how 'this is the last time...' and you become a bit soppy and emotional about things. In the background there's also this little niggle like, oh man - what if it all goes pear shaped. What if you've bought your graduation dress already, but you don't actually get to graduate. Wouldn't that be hilarious. Hahaha. Awks.

For now, it's Easter. Which means catching up on lecture notes that got put to the whey side during dissertation writing. Oh yeah, the dissertations have gone by the way! I wrote mine as a literature review, looking at the best instrument (camera) currently available to be used in the screening of diabetic patients. It was actually really interesting, there's a lot of innovation in the medical field at the moment.

In other news I've changed my pre-reg. Yeah, it's been quite a surprise. I'll no longer be heading to Bristol as amazing and lovely as both the city and the store are. Circumstances change etc and so now I'll be heading down South. New territories lie ahead!

Also, I don't like to talk about really personal things too much. Well you can judge that for yourselves, but since my relationship was so involved in my online life so much, I feel I should share. Basically, we're no longer together for reasons which will remain ours. It's one of those things you know. I think it's time a took a break from dating. I'm focusing on me, my studies and my health. Getting to know myself a little more.

Production has begun! Still not really able to talk about it - I know it's a bit frustrating that you've been kept in the dark. All in time though.

So revision, revision. I will take a little break this Easter, I need one! There's just so much content to go through and there's literally only 60 days until freedom now anyway! No time to lose. I update my instagram a lot and have been making short YouTube videos too. So you can always check in with me there.

Until next time, Erica...xo

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