St Brides Spa Day Get Away


And breath!

Phew, that was a much welcomed break and thoroughly enjoyed by both! I love spending time with my mum, that's the funny thing I've found about growing up. We've always been close, especially since I was young. Everyone goes through that teenage phase right? The other side of that is lush, our relationship has developed so much in the last few years. It's been lovely learning new things together and experiencing different levels of friendship. We can discuss more things now, as I become more adult our opinions and topic of conversation begins to merge. It's nice.

It was literally a quick getaway. I knew we'd enjoyed it previously, so thought it'd be a fun blast from the past. We aren't usually ones to stay inside a hotel, we're explorers! (Kaka, rawr!) But when you've got 24 hours to unwind, St Brides is the perfect place. Renowned for it's super calming vibes.

Our room had a gorgeous view of the sea, overlooking the coastal line. Super chill. After refreshments at the bar, we changed into our swim suits, adorned the robes and slippers and headed for the spa! Your stay comes with a 90 minute session in the thermal suite. Which is the highlight of the trip for me every time. Our favourite bit is the infinity pool. Each area is lightly salted, which sounds kind of strange but oh my, it does wonders for the skin! We warmed up in the sauna before heading to the rooftop pool.

The infinity pool, small and quaint overlooks the Saundersfoot harbour. A cute, Welsh seaside town in West Wales. From the cliff looking down you can watch ramblers taking their dogs for a walk, the tide wading in and out and foodies enjoying a fish and chips. (If your eyes are sharp enough!). The cool, gentle breeze brushes over you as the warm (slightly, salty!) water bubbles around you. There's a bench in the pool, that shoots up massaging bubbles - a great way to take in the view.

Once your done soaking up the salt, you can head inside to the relaxation rooms. Among the steam and saunas, you can brew yourself a cuppa and lounge out on the beds. The whole spa has different scented aromas in each room, which add a therapeutic feel.

Planning ahead, I booked our table for dinner at the Cliff in house restaurant. No need to drive, worry about thick coats, umbrellas or parking. Just ultimate relaxation. We showered and glammed up. The food was nice - have to be honest here. It wasn't quite as we had remembered and the service was a little slow. But the quality of the food was amazing and the staff were very polite, welcoming and friendly. So swings and round abouts. The view, gorgeous as ever and the company - top notch! After a cheeky glass of Malbec (my prefered tipple), we wondered up to bed.

In true sleepover style, we got into our jammies and did a little light reading. We gossiped (a little!), had a giggle and headed off to sleep. The morning came with a gorgeous sunrise, we weren't sure we were going to catch it! Super lucky, just as the sun was peaking above the waves. Quick - insta story it!! Hahaha. Breakfast was included, so a quick change and to the window seat spot.

The offerings were plentiful and all meal plans went out the window (just for the day - I've been a little cheeky recently, but hey I'll reign it in again soon). We indulged in mini pastries, pots of tea and the rolling seas. I ordered salmon and eggs and mum had an English breccy. After soaking in the last of the hill top coastline, we drove down for a closer look. The weather, woah was on our side! What a gorgeous day, a few snaps and a walk along the seaside and we headed home.

What a wonderful getaway, thank you St Brides for a really relaxing stay. Happy belated Mother's day mums. And recommended visit for you team :) The view is worth it all.

Until next time, Erica xo

p.s - we took so many photos, I hope you don't mind me posting these on insta for a while!

Beetroot 3 ways

Peanut Parfait - Caramelised banana, peanut powder, chocolate mousse & chocolate ice-cream

Chocolat fondant

St Brides Spa & Hotel,
St Brides Hill,
SA69 9NH


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