Life Update!


Hey! So wow, pre-reg huh? It's been quite the experience. Being thrown into working life, while having to study is quite a feat to step up to. Everyone said it's one of the hardest years of your life. They weren't wrong, but it's also so much fun!

So I've moved.. obviously. I live in the south of England now, which is quite a shock being Welsh and all. Missing the accent but am loving my new location! What I thought was a fairly quiet area is actually buzzing with life. There's lots of young people around and I'm right by the coast! Which is great for unwinding and long walks along the beach... haha.

I'm prepping now for my visit 2. So the pre-registration year is basically working with exams so that you have enough experience and knowledge to be able to test, diagnose and prescribe alone. The patient base is a lot older than I'm used to. I'd say the majority of my patients are presbyopic (40 years +). It means Age-related macula degeneration and glaucoma are no longer just text book pathologies.

Honestly, pre-reg really does have it's ups and downs. Despite what you see on instagram, it is really tough. There are long nights and early mornings. Sometimes I'm so tired I sleep through my alarm! I definitely find I have a lot more energy if I work out though. As opposing as it may seem, as I've always said - things in motion seem to stay in motion. As much as you think you may not have the time, if you make some. Make your health and fitness a priority, it can be done. With great results too!

I'm still vegan, yah! Who would have known eh? I'm really enjoying this new lifestyle change. It can be tough at times. Findings new dishes to eat and places to eat has been an adventure! I'm not sure sometimes if I'm hardcore or just pure lazy, but a sometimes all I need is some raw veggies and I'm good to go.

Until next time... Erica xo 

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