WOPEC: Post Qualificiation Certificates


In the accelloration up to the final OSCEs, my supervisor signed me up to the GRR and MECS post qualification courses through WOPEC. The lectures systematically go through Glaucoma and different patient presentations to the practice; flashes & floaters, sudden loss of vision and red eye etc.

As I'm sure you'll all have heard with changes in how optomtery will look in the next few years and the need for community practitioners to aid GP's and triage hospital eye service patients, it's time to upskill.
The schemes will likey come to your area soon and it's a great way to differenitate yourself and add to you list of skills.

Hopefully, this post will talk you through how to become certified and give you a quick insight into exactly whats involved.

Genuinely it is that simple. I shared on my instagram story as I was about to sit the 2 OSCEs and lots of practitioners messaged me saying it would be ok. It really was. Like any exam, I had pre-test nerves and I think most of the Optoms there did too.

The MECS/PEARS exam is very much like day to day practice. You'll talk through patient cases with your examiner in a viva style station. Outside of the room you are told the presenting symptom and have 1 minute to gather your thoughts. During the vivia, you'll be asked to differentially diagnose from the record card your thoughts. Which exact signs are negating or confirming your suspicions. Finally, your plan of action for this patient.

Both the GRR and MECS exams have a volk station, which are beautiful model eyes without any cataracts, blinking or wobbling! So as long as you can keep a steady hand, volk should be fine.
For MECS be sure to read the letter combinations carefully, because they aren't everyday words.
For GRR you'll need to note the CD ratios and any pathology, variations are given on your task sheet.

GRR will of course include Goldmann tonometry on a live patient, we had to take IOPs for each eye and prior, set up and focus the slit lamp.

Each station is explained with exactly what WOPEC expect from you and how they will grade your stations. The exams are pass or fail, but WOPEC keep details of how well each Optom does for their own records.

WOPEC: Cardiff Unviersity, School of Optometry and Vision Sciences
As a whole, the experience was great. As I said on instagram, I used the online lectures to aid my final OSCE study. Similar information but in a different format, which helps me personally to solidify the content. If you're about to sit your OSCE this could be a great way to study.

Who are WOPEC?
They are the Welsh Optometry Postgraduate Education Centre.
Run by The School of Optometry and Visions Sciences in Cardiff, they have over 12,500 registered professionals learning with them. They are the only dedicated postgraduated centre in the world that aims to cater for all the learning needs of eye care professionals.

Who can register?
You can sign up to the WOPEC lectures as a student, pre-reg or a fully qualified optometrist.

The only differences are the CET points. GRR is worth 5 and MECS is 7.
You can only accumulate them if you are GOC registered and unfortunately they can't be back dated.

You are eligble to sit the OSCE assessments if you are qualified with a GOC number too.

What Now?
You can view more FAQ's on their website, click here.
Check their upcoming events, click here.

Good luck! 
As ever if you have any questions or would like to follow my day to day, head over to my instagram: @spinachandspecs

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