About Me

Hello! My name is Erica and welcome to my blog! I'm 24 and studying in my final year of, Optometry! (I'm going to become an Optometrist!) I've always loved creative writing, but also the sciences; so this is my way of combing two.

Why Blog?
I first found out about blogging when I was 18, my auntie thought it might interest me and so I set up my own site - Sushi, Turtles and Life. It was so much fun. I loved how you could share and make new friends through this modern form of media. It challenged me to develop my writing style, to experience new things (so I could write about them!) but also to grow my confidence. When I became more involved with optics, my family wanted to know so much about it. So this became the perfect platform to share my knowledge. Writing is a great way to express myself, impart my knowledge and share my experiences. I hope this blog creates a community of like minded people who are driven, ambitious and have a passion for their field. Optometry or otherwise.

Why Spinach?
Simply put green, leafy vegetables are a high source of Vitamin A - vital for normal visual function.

How we consume food and our relationship with it is very important to me. Having been on both ends of the weighing scales, I understand the need for simplicity and education. What we eat plays a huge role in our bodily functions but through all the media hype we often forget that. Your food not only plays a huge role in how you feel emotionally and physically, but also how your body will hold up later on in life! I'll share with you my quick tips and guidelines to creating your own catalogue of delicious, nutritious recipes. Even if you think you don't have time to cook, believe me it can be so simple and so satisfying!

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Why Specs?
I did some work experience and saw the clinical aspects of Optometry and fell in love. The combination of sciences, health care and helping people just fitted so well! You can usually find me at the back of some opticians, scoping out the latest frames, OCT machine (Fancy new eye imaging), or peeping through a pupil.

Learning new skills has always interested me. Not only from text books but also my own mistakes, which is my basis for sharing with you. I used to have depression & anxiety you can read about that here - Its been an adventure climbing out of there and I hope to share my strategy to help others. It's easy to transition into the strong, confident & successful version of you - if you are willing to believe in yourself and be consistent with your goals.

I hope you enjoy my stories, journey & endeavours - both the hilarious and the humbling.

Lots of love...Erica xx